Our Story

Eastern Staffing recruits and manages product, admin and sales teams.

Started in 2011 by Kristian Pettyjohn and Godwinh Lopez as custom WordPress shop we launched a string of SaaS and service projects starting in 2012: PhotoUp, Folio, Vectto.

After building these businesses we continued to get requests for dedicated product, admin and sales staffing from our friends at other startups and felt a growing need to build our own internal talent pipeline and Eastern Staffing was born. 

Staff Smarter

Staffing is hard. Offshoring is even harder.  With deep roots in the Philippines Eastern Staffing can help your company scale operations without the headache.

Eastern Staffing is a Western Venture Partners brand. We have USA offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Bend, Oregon.


We’re also doing really cool social impact work in the Philippines and the USA. Our core goals are to:

  • Provide middle income jobs on both sides of the pond
  • Provide technical training and leadership development
  • Educate and implement infrastructure for better waste management

Tech Friendly Workspace

Our modern, secure workspaces are open concept with high-end workstations, redundant fiber and good vibes.