Some really excellent PHP programming takes place in the developing world. After all, the language is open source, easy to learn, and has a huge community of smart, generous people who are willing to help others upskill and learn the language. That means the barriers to entry are low, which is vital for ambitious coders who live in countries that do not have the kind of infrastructure or economy where they can receive formal IT education on trendy new tech stacks, many of which don’t hold the test of time.


As a programming language, PHP is a bedrock for much of the web. It’s the language of choice for many small businesses and startups, and although there are new languages popping up frequently, it’s very well established and has a large pool of talented programmers who use it well. 

PHP programmers are the most affordable in the world, as this graph on software development salaries neatly illustrates. This is in part due to the large pool of talent that is out there, which drives the price down. 


Affordability Is Key


If you’re thinking about hiring a PHP developer for a job, you should really consider looking offshore for programming talent. Let’s examine a few reasons why. 

The simple fact of the matter is that taking PHP development offshore is a much more affordable route to take. The reasons are complex and varied, but there is no doubt that developers in North America and Europe charge more for doing the same work. In offshore locations like India, the Philippines or South Africa, you are able to access talented, hard-working web developers at a lower cost than in the United States. 


With a decent development budget, you can largely attract the best and brightest in a given market while still spending substantially less than US averages.


Tips for Hiring Software Developers Offshore


Hiring the right PHP developers is vital to your project, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it can make or break your site, app or project going forward. Here are some vital things you must consider as you proceed.


  • Find a reputable hiring firm that you can trust: Don’t try and do it all on your own. Find a staffing partner who understands development, the market, and the offshore region to make sure they can deliver the right staff for your project. Furthermore, a good partner can provide stable infrastructure for housing staff, bring understanding to local culture, provide improved communication and keep you in full compliance with local labor laws.


  • Make sure the time differences suits the ways your team works: You’re either going to be working at the same time as your developers, or you will set them tasks at the end of your day and they will come in and deliver on the work while you’re asleep. Both are good options - but make sure you know what you would prefer.


  • Ensure language is not a barrier to communication: High-quality communication skills are vital for this kind of global work. Not every programmer needs to speak your language, but there must be managers or intermediaries with whom you can communicate clearly and concisely.


  • Select effective communication tools: When dealing with offshore talent there’s nothing more important than good, regular communication that extends beyond email. Tools like Slack, Skype and Google Hangouts have made the distributed workplace more effective than ever before, and you should make sure your teams are set up with these services.


  • Set clear goals / deadlines: Like any project management task, you need to be very clear on what you expect, when you expect it and what the budget is for a task. Where does the danger lie in this relationship? Relationships like this sour when the developers feel like the company is exploiting them, or when the company thinks that they’re being taken for a ride.


  • Manage Expectations: Both sides need to know what they’re expecting from the relationship and the best way to achieve it. Parameters should be set early, with regular milestones and target dates agreed on by both parties so everyone is setup for success.


  • Ensure Your Goals Align: Find a PHP developer or team who’s mission aligns with yours. Whether it’s around good working conditions, medical care, a focus on women in tech - you can really make a difference in the developing world when you support socially-conscious staffing companies.


Take a look at Eastern Staffing’s mission and see if it aligns with yours. 


  • Support: You need to work with a team who understand tech support, who are transparent in what they do, and who have experience working with US-based companies and the kind of service and quality standards they expect.


If you do your homework and follow the guidelines set out above, hiring an offshore PHP developer can be a smart move for your business. In a competitive market, hiring the dev talent you need under budget can make a world of a difference both for your company as well as for those you are employing abroad.


Since 2011, Eastern Staffing has helped companies bridge the gap in offshoring between the USA and the Philippines. We help scout, hire, house and manage tech, admin and sales staff and teams abroad while providing USA based account management. To find out more about what our teams can do for you, please get in touch today, and receive 20% off your first scouting fee.