Design Staffing

Eastern provides UI/UX designers, illustrators and web designers to help you push beautiful pixels faster.

UI/UX Designers

Every app needs a rockstar UI/UX designer to help balance form and function for your users. Eastern provides turn-key UI/UX designers near 1/2 the traditional cost.

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Web Designers

Whether designing client website or managing your own internal initiatives, Eastern recruit web designers with an exception eye for detail with an ability to craft a strong, clear call-to-action.


Illustration brings that extra 'pop' to any design making your project stand out from competitors and impressing clients. We staff exceptional illustrators at cost saving rates.

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Women In Tech

At Eastern we're proud proponents of Women In Tech, helping facilitate local Women in Tech meetups and having a diverse, supportive and inclusive team culture.

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Print Design

Need a strong print  designer to help with product catalogs, marketing flyers, business cards, annual reports, etc? We have you covered.

Graphic Design

For that all around designer to help with anything and everything from social media graphics to web design to a print project, we can find the right designer for your needs.


Exceptional Design Staffing

Finding talent is hard. Finding tech talent even harder. Contact sales today to learn how Eastern Staffing can recruit, hire and manage design talent for your company.