Social Mission

We think business should be more than money. That’s why Eastern Staffing is a social enterprise putting equal weight on the four P’s:

People, Planet, Profit, Purpose.



  • Provide middle income jobs on both sides of the pond
  • Provide technical training and leadership development
  • Educate and implement infrastructure for better waste management
  • Promote women in tech and the workplace at large


We’re working hard to educate, research and implement infrastructure around waste management. Our mantra is to reduce, reuse, recycle and reform, especially for one-time use plastics.



Yeah, profits are important too. With our profits we seek to take care of all stakeholders, not just our shareholders. This means higher wages and profit sharing for employees, health care benefits and promoting community service outside of the workplace. 


We find that the more we help people develop personally, professionally and spiritually, the more we ourselves are fulfilled. Our goal is see all those we interact with flourish. It is pretty fun. You should try it. Really. 


Staff Smarter

Hiring is hard. Offshoring is harder. Eastern Staffing's USA team brings eight years of on-the-ground experience in the Philippines to ensure your venture is a success.